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What is ComplyVault?

ComplyVault is a HIPAA compliant data storage platform that keeps your users health data safe.

Any device or application that shares (or will share) a user's personal health data with a covered entity (i.e. doctors, clinic, health plans, etc.) are legally required to be HIPAA compliant.  If you are not compliant, then you are subject to potential civil and criminal penalties.

ComplyVault provides the technical and physical safeguards mandated by HIPAA to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of protected health information. And if you think it's hard to get started, guess again. Developer SDKs, a management interface, detailed reporting, and training materials are all included.  HIPAA Compliance in hours, not years.

For Organizations

HIPAA Compliant Data Storage

At the end of the day, what you’ll appreciate most is how ComplyVault’s trusted and compliant platform helps you easily secure your organization’s healthcare data. And there are many more reasons why ComplyVault is right for you, your developers, and your organization.

Accelerated Developer Productivity

Your developers are building you the best healthcare application for your organization’s needs. They need to focus on your business use cases, customer satisfaction and providing you with relevant business intelligence. Doing all that and also wanting them to be experts on cybersecurity is too much to ask. Being a HIPAA expert requires the skills and talent of developers who focus solely on that task and who draw their experience from a broad spectrum of environments. Let ComplyVault drop all that expertise into your developer’s code, update it as new threats arise, and help keep your organization HIPAA compliant.

Works across devices

ComplyVault works where you do, even if you’re on the go. Data can be stored securely across many devices and our SDKs are mobile-friendly (iOS, Android, Javascript). And when you need to transfer data to other healthcare providers and programs, using ComplyVault will make integration easy while keeping your auditors happy.

HITRUST Certified

Breathe easy: The ComplyVault platform is HITRUST certified. But we don’t stop there—ComplyVault is monitored and assessed using top third-party security tools and regularly penetration tested. We meet compliance standards up-front so that you can rest easy knowing that your data is secure and uncompromised.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Three, two, one... From the minute your app is launched, ComplyVault’s easy-to-use, accurate, and complete dashboard gives you the insight you need to ensure your applications are working properly and the data is secure. Our reporting tools also let you see how your data is stored, how it’s being used, and who’s been using it.

Managed Security

Your business is building solutions for your users, not information security. That’s what we do! With ComplyVault, your data is properly secured, leaving you more time to innovate and easily track how your data is used.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Illustration of an administrator signing up for ComplyVault

    1. Sign up for CV

    Sign up for an account - Professional or Enterprise plans qualify. Developer accounts must be upgraded.

  2. Illustration of a developer typing on a notebook

    2. Create an app

    Build your application using our easy to use SDKs.

  3. Illustration of papers representing a Business Associate Agreement

    3. Sign our BAA

    E-sign our Business Associate Agreement (BAA). You’ll receive notification from us once the BAA is approved.

  4. Illustration of a couple of people using an mobile application, hosted by ComplyVault API

    4. Deploy

    Go live! And begin storing data securely in our compliant platform.

For Developers

Focus on building a great healthcare product

With ComplyVault's easy-to-use SDKs, developer-friendly documentation, and detailed example code, you’ll have your healthcare app completely built by this time tomorrow. And still have time for a one-hour lunch.

Empower your business users, without extra code

You’re in charge with ComplyVault! We make it simple to manage how your data is used by different applications, users, and groups. You control who gets what via an easy-to-use web interface and no constant code updates or changes are required.

Yes, batteries are included

ComplyVault provides official developer SDKs, a management interface, detailed reporting, and training materials to get your team up to speed on HIPAA compliance.

Baked in reporting

Our out-of-the-box thinking has produced a platform that gives you reporting capabilities right out of the box. Plus, our management console even makes it easy for nontechnical users to get the data about your application just as easily as we make it for you to get your data in to ComplyVault.

All the CRUD you need

You deal with development CRUD every day, why heap more on top of the pile? With ComplyVault, you don’t need to shovel any of it. Create, Read, Update, and Delete healthcare data--it’s all secure on our solid platform.

ComplyVault is a product of Jacobian Engineering, a cybersecurity and managed services firm that enables companies to outsource security and IT services in whole or in part, leveraging our 24/7 network and security operations centers, highly trained staff and advanced tools. Over the last 12 years we've managed our own HIPAA client datacenters and built systems that have withstood 200 million hits a day. We also provide compliance management, forensics, security assessment and audit services in addition to certification and attestation for SOC/SSAE16, PCI, HIPAA, and HITRUST.


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